A Narcissist “Loves you”, like the way that non-Narcissists love an appliance – like say a Toaster. Narcissistic Love is Superficial.

The quote below is from a post by Caroline van Kimmenade titled “Narcissistic Love versus Unconditional Love“.

Narcissistic love is more superficial. We love appliances, as long as they do what they are supposed to do. Who decides what they are supposed to do? We do. Similarly, narcissists decide what other people are supposed to do, and when expectations are not fulfilled the scene can be a lot like someone swearing at their computer for crashing. It’s not a love based on any core connection, it’s a love based on functionality. I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly grieve when an appliance breaks down and I need to replace it (I might be upset about the cost and effort required for the replacement though).

Narcissists love their Targets, much like the way people love their appliances. If the appliance works the way we want them to, then great. If not, then we throw them out. When the Narcissistic Supply Source does not function as the Narcissist requires, then that person is thrown out by the Narcissist, like one would do with a defective appliance. No need for “Tears” in either case.

I agree with Joseph Burgo where he stated in an interview, that many Narcissists share abandonment when they were children. They were adopted out or they were moved to relatives to be taken care of (such as Grandparents). The child suffered a major trauma. The child felt that they were being Rejected and Abandoned.

Narcissists thus have a major fear of being rejected. Narcissists more often than not, also dislike highly (even Hate) their Mothers. Their Mother was a women and she rejected and abandoned them. This hate gets projected onto all other women.

Click on this line to visit Caroline van Kimmenade’s website called: “The Happy Sensitive” to read her post titled “Narcissistic Love versus Unconditional Love“.

I’ll try to contact Caroline to see if I can get permission to share more of her material, which is well worth reading.

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