Giving Your Narcissist Ex-Partner His/Her Own Medicine

Follow the course of action discussed in the video below with great caution.

Trying to get back at a Narcissist for Using and Abusing you, can be “Dangerous“. The difference between Emotional Abuse and Extreme Physical Abuse is a very fine line, which could be crossed without warning when a Narcissist becomes enraged.

I “do not agree” with Randi Andretti’s video below. There is no need to take on such extreme risk. 

Video is courtesy of the Randy Andretti YouTube channel

IMHO your best approach is to let Karma do it’s thing. Just go “No Contact” with the Narcissist. They will seek out a new source of Narcissistic Supply, if they didn’t already have such a source lined lined up long ago.

A Narcissist is well versed in manipulation. You are a Kind, Loving and Trusting Human Being and as such are not used to “manipulating people”. There is no way that you will be able to effectively play the Narcissist’s game, against the Narcissist. Why stoop to the Narcissist’s level?

Why risk flipping out the Narcissist and having them step across that fine line into the world of extreme physical abuse against you? You are dealing with a Narcissist and any form of abuse, “will be taken to the extreme”. Narcissists have no empathy. They will gladly feed off your PAIN.

They have already “Messed Up your Mind“. Don’t risk them “Messing Up your Physical body“, which they are quite capable of doing when enraged. Remain Human and let Karma take care of any payback.

The best and “Safest” course of action is to go “NO Contact” with a Narcissist.


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