Traits of the Female Somatic Narcissist. If you are targeted by one of these, may I suggest that you run as fast and as far away as you can.

Somatic Female Narcissists will target both Males and Females.

They have an extreme need to always be the center of attention in each and every situation where others are around. They are always “marketing themselves” and so watch for that trait.

Female Somatic Narcissists can be Bi-Sexual, both males and females are sought out as sources of Narcissistic Supply. If they find out that you recently broke off a relationship with someone, then they know that you are very vulnerable and you will suddenly and very persistently be showered with their attention (Love Bombing). They will launch a “Major Marketing Campaign“, to reel you in.

They are Puppet Masters who attach strings, which they then control at will. Do you really want to become their Puppet?

Video is courtesy of the Cluster B & Me YouTube channel


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