Derren Brown video shows the use of Conversational Hypnosis, to pay for goods with “blank pieces of paper”.

Mirroring is a major Psychological Manipulation Technique used by Narcissists, to quickly establish Rapport and gain your Trust.

Narcissists are not One Trick Ponies. They have many tricks up their sleeve.

In this video Derren Brown shows the use of Conversational Hypnosis to pay for goods with “blank pieces of paper”. Your Narcissist could use the same techniques to reframe your mind so you will continue to “Trust” them, no matter how much they have betrayed or hurt you.

Video is courtesy of the Derren Brown YouTube channel

The video below explains some of specific things which Derren said in the above video.

Video is courtesy of the Catsurencho YouTube channel

The following is another explanation of the steps which Derren Brown had used.

Video is courtesy of the DailyMindControl YouTube channel


If you are an “important” Source of Narcissistic Supply, then you will be worth the “extra effort” by the Narcissist to really mess with your mind and keep you under their control.

Knowledge of Psychological Manipulation and Conversational Hypnosis Techniques is one way to “Protect yourself“. Learn to recognize when such Techniques are being used against you.

If you start to watch for these Red Flags, you “will then start to see them” and the Narcissist will no longer be able to use them against you.