Why narcissistic people lie, smear campaign, and gossip about victims

This is a great post from the Flying Monkeys Denied website.

The following are a few quotes from their very good post:

“It’s totally normal for a person with a Cluster B personality disorder to pathologically lie, gaslight, and smear campaign.”

“Every narcissistic person you know who actively badmouths another person or group without that person or stereotype represented is keeping a major secret from you.”

“Guess what, “Narcissistic Supply Source”? If you think a narcissistic person is trustworthy because of their special interest or attachment to you, nothing could possibly be further from the truth.”

Narcissistic people get off emotionally and psychologically based on the thought of getting away with something. They only show remorse for their actions when and if they are caught.”

To read the complete post, just click on the photo above or on the Source link below. That will take you to the Flying Monkeys Denied website, which is an excellent resource well worth adding to your Bookmarked sites list.

Source: Why narcissistic people lie, smear campaign, and gossip about victims