Girlfriend leaves him. She returns to his apartment to talk. He tortures, mutilates and kills her. Then drains her body of all it’s blood.

Blake and his brother came from a wealthy family. His brother Cody went into Real Estate development, like his Dad. Two males from the same family, but with vastly different life choices. Wonder why?

Early in May 2016 Blake and his girlfriend Iana Kasian became parents. Later the same month, on May 20 Blake was charged with Sexual Assault (against another unknown female) and released on Bail.

A month or two before and after the birth of a baby all focus is on “the Baby“. News reports say that when Iana found out about the Sexual Assault charge, that she moved herself and her infant daughter out of Blake’s apartment to live with her mother.

Iana returned to Blake’s apartment, possibly to talk. When she did not return from Blake’s apartment, her Mother called the Police. When Police arrived they had to smash down the door, Blake had apparently braced it with furniture. They found Blake and the battered and mutilated body of Iana. She had also been drained of all her blood.

Blake is to undergo a Psychological Evaluation.

The other sad part is that the more or less newborn infant no longer has it’s Mother. The Grandmother is not a US citizen and due to the horrific death of her daughter Iana, she is in no shape to care for the infant. A baby relates to it’s world from visual and emotional insight. The Baby will IMHO pickup on her Grand Mother’s grief. The Baby will also sense a different heart rhythm from any other care giver. The baby hears it’s Mother’s Heart while in the womb and knows it’s rhythm intimately. I hope that Grief Counseling is being provided to Iana’s Mother. I suspect that she may blame herself for letting her daughter go back to Blake’s apartment.

In my opinion only, there is grave danger that the young baby could suffer multiple Attachment and Abandonment Traumas. Such Traumas will get locked in the right hemisphere of her brain ( left hemisphere will not develop for another couple of years ). I hope that this innocent infant will get love and care from a warm, loving and caring couple. It is heart breaking to think how this could affect that innocent infant’s life.

It is also sickening how many lives were destroyed by Blake: his Wife, his Baby Daughter, his Mother-in-law, the woman whom he was charged with sexually assaulting (were there also unknown other women) and himself. I have my own strong opinion of why this may have happened and had actually included and then removed it all (except for my worry about the affect on the Baby) from this post. I thought it would be better for visitors to read the news articles and form their own views.

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