Michael Madison, who had strangled 3 women, gets Death Sentence

A Psychopath Serial Killer, who killed at least three women, has a Defense “Team”. Sadly the three women who Micheal Madison had strangled were not provided the same luxury. The amount of money being spent on this Psychopathic killer’s Defense “Team” could have enabled Cleveland to hire more Police Officers.

His Defense Team argued that Michael Madison should not get the Death Sentence because he did not kill the three women with “precision and calculation” (as per the news article). The Psychopath strangled three women.  Is there a magical formula to strangle someone with “Precision”? Some Lawyer had the audacity to use such an argument.

His Defense “Team” argued that the killing of the 3 women was a “spontaneous eruptions of violence.”. Common sense “just barely” might accept that for one murder, but not for all three. The Psychopath wanted the up close and personal feeling of power and control of using his hands to strangle defenseless women. I wonder how his Defense Team would react, if one of their own family members had been a  victim of Michael Madison?

The father of one of the slain women gave victim testimony. During his testimony he looked over at Michael Madison who glared back at him with a “grin”. The Father then leaped over the Defense Team’s table to try and attack Madison. Videos of that can be found on YouTube (see links below).

The Defense Team did not want Michael Madison to take Psychological Tests because said Test Results would incriminate him. Someone seems to have forgotten about his victims. Three innocent women were strangled to death by Serial Killer Michael Madison, but the Lawyer is concerned about Psychological Tests incriminating this Psychopath.

I believe that the Perp had already admitted to two of the murders. His third strangulation must have been so boring, that he claims not to remember it. The trial has apparently been going on for months. An appeal of the Death Sentence is up next. Too bad the victims who were brutally murdered, have no chance of appeal. But hey the Defense “Team” members have families to feed.

The news article states that Michael Madison had killed the women because of anger towards his Mother. Having major issues with their Birth Mother, is potentially a major Red Flag of Disordered individuals. For example: a Cerebral Narc would not come out to talk (no can do, lacking empathy) and maybe try to comfort his own Mom when she came in tears because her own Mother had just passed away. Watch for any Red Flags.

I left the scariest part for last. Michael Madison, the Serial Killer, had fathered 2 kids. How is it that people in the western world have not heard about Birth Control. He is uneducated and living in Cleveland where unemployment is super high, so most likely is unable to support himself let alone his children. The woman who gave birth to those kids did not live with him. Again, there is Birth Control available.

Gee I wonder what kind of “loving” family memories his two kids have and will have?

Sadly some kids lose life’s lottery and have a Disordered Serial Killer for a father. I wonder if there have been studies done,  to see if there is a multi-generational aspect to Disordered individuals???

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