Grandmother forced 9 year old Savannah Hardin to run for about 3 Hours while also carrying firewood

A Grandmother told a 9 year old girl’s Bus Driver, that she would make Savannah Hardin run till she allowed her to stop and that she did not play games with her. 9 year old Savannah’s crime was apparently eating a single candy bar while on her school bus.

The Grandmother has been found guilty of Capital Murder. She made the 9 year old girl run around the house for about 3 hours while carrying firewood. She did not let the little girl stop. The poor child collapsed and her body went into convulsions. She died in the hospital. The Autopsy showed that she died of severe dehydration and very low sodium levels. The poor child’s crime again was apparently eating one candy bar. Such a loving Grandmother…

Click on this line to visit the WBRC FOX 6 Nes website to read their artice title “UPDATE: Stepmom charged with murder gives birth“.

Did Grandma admit what she had done? Of course not. It was the victim’s fault. Grandma claimed that she was “helping the child” to come in first in an upcoming school running competition. Thankfully the child’s school bus has a built in recorder and recorded the Grandmother telling the school bus driver that she would make the child run until she let her stop. Not just running, but also carrying firewood. Sure sounds to me exactly like what a specific kind of Disordered individual would do. Never Admit wrongdoing, because it’s always the Victim’s fault.

Click on the line to visit the Huffington Post website which includes a photo of this 9 year old victim as part of their article titled “Jury Recommends Life Sentence For Woman Who Ran Granddaughter To Death“.

The 9 year girl’s Stepmother witnessed all this and did “NOTHING”. When charged, she claimed that she was “Extremely Intimidated” by the Grandmother. If a grown women is too scared to say anything to that Grandmother, just imagine how frightened 9 Year old Savannah must have been.

Click on this line to read the NY Daily News article titled “Stepmom of Alabama girl who died during grandma’s running punishment pleads guilty to failing to stop ordeal“.

The child’s Birth Mother and Father had Divorced with joint custody. About a month ago the child’s father filed a petition to have that agreement changed. Robert Hardin said he could provide a more stable environment for Savannah, claiming her mother’s lifestyle was not fit for custody of a child. The Birth Mother apparently did not have the money to hire a Lawyer, to fight the petition. The Father won and his 9 year old daughter soon paid the Ultimate Price.

Click on this line to visit the People magazine website to read their article titled “Alabama Grandma, Convicted of Running 9-Year-Old to Death, Collapses and Dies After Family Visit in Prison“.

Some baby’s lose out in Life’s Lottery. They are born into Disordered families. Far too many have their entire lives affected. Some, like this 9 year old girl pay with their life.

Little Savannah apparently had a 3 year brother. Who knows what Grandma may have also done to that little boy???

The begood4000 YouTube channel has a new animation about the Savannah Hardin case. I enjoy their videos, but in this one he gets into “Religion” and IMHO it’s off topic (I understand that your mileage may differ) and so I did not want to embed their video into this post. If interested just click on the begood4000 link at the beginning of this paragraph or search for begood4000.