Communication Tips when having to deal with your Narcissistic Ex

The Divorced Moms website has a great post about dealing with a Narcissist Ex. Being Divorced may not allow going full No Contact with the Narcissist Ex. Maintaining Partial to Minimal Contact can allow the Narcissist opportunities.

In the past, your Narcissist knew how to approach you and get inside your head. Remember the Love Bombing? They can and often will try to use those same Emotional Manipulation skills against you, when you cannot go No Contact. That post gives some tips on how one can communicate but not get hoovered back into the Narcissist’s Web.

I would add one point. When the Narcissist over steps a Boundary which you made clear, call them on it and “Document it“. Keep a Diary of any and all Wrong Doing and Manipulation by the Narcissist Ex. Make note of the time and date and include the names of any witnesses. Save any abusive emails as both a computer file and a physical printout. You may not need any of it, but if you, do then you will have it.

If a situation escalates to become potentially dangerous, then seek out help from Law Enforcement. Document the Date, Time, Name and Badge Number of any Police Officer which you spoke to.

Click on this line to visit to read their post titled “5 Communication Tips For Dealing With a Narcissistic Ex“..