5 Relationship Red Flags which are not so obvious and so we confuse them with Real Love

There are a few posts on this site which discuss the major Red Flags to watch for. Those are typical and obvious Red Flags, which many have posted about.

This video goes beyond that. Dr. Rose Moten discuss less obvious behavioural Red Flags which could be mistaken as your “other” being Love Struck with you.

Lots of points to learn and keep in mind when starting a new relationship. Behaviour which does not stand out, like Love Bombing or Mirroring, can be easily dismissed. Red Flags should be noted. The more Red Flags found, increases the odds that you could be interacting with a Disordered Individual.

Seeing such “secondary” Red Flags could give one a Heads Up to watch for the bigger Red Flags like having Major Issues with their Birth Mother, whether your other was adopted or brought up by someone other than their Birth Mother, Love Bombing, Mirroring, Super Charming and hearing lots of False Praise. Spotting Red Flags before getting well into a relationship can give one the knowledge to make better relationship choices.

Your love Interest starts discussing your Future “Together” very early in the relationship. The extreme would be doing such a thing on a first date. Your other informs you that he wants you to have their Baby, after a couple of weeks of dating.

Your new Love Interest keeps asking if you have seen any Red Flags during the time you have spent together.

You become their everything. When your Love Interest has no interests outside of spending time with you.

Your Other’s family tells you that they have never seen your “Other” behave like they do around you. This can sound flattering, but can also be a RED Flag indicating an Actor putting on an Act.

Your “Other” starts to have total control of your life. They throw out all your cloths and buy you new cloths which they picked out. Prior to getting married the guy takes over the wedding plans. He tells his future wife that it will be a surprise for her and even picks out her wedding dress. Hint, that’s a big Red Flag.

Your other discusses their own past, but always from the point of view of them being the “Victim”.

Dr. Rose Moten gives some insight into Red Flags which could be dismissed and mistaken for Love. Knowledge is power. Learning about the Red Flags can help spot them when a Narcissist pulls out their Play Book.

Video is courtesy of the Dr. Rose Moten YouTube channel