Narcissists will Target you, depending on how you answer their line of questioning

Will someone miss you? Will someone be there to help you? Do you have family in the same city? What did you do on the weekend? Do you have lots of friends which can provide you with lots of support?

This video also has valid suggestions about how to deal with a Narcissist Boss at work. Narcs will leave you alone at work, if they feel that you are not so vulnerable and if they need your skill set. I’ve crossed paths with Narcs very high up the Corporate Ladder and the adviceĀ  in this video is accurate.

Disconnect, by that I mean only discuss work specific matters. If you catch them Mirroring you, let them know that you know about Mirroring (don’t go into detail – just let them know that you know about Mirroring). You won’t get a reply (and don’t push it – just make a short statement). They will stop mirroring for a moment and they will tend to stay away from you. You know things that their victims are not supposed to know. In the future they will keep mirroring you, because that is something they tend to do all the time. Why? Because it works on those who do not know about Mirroring – about 99.9% of the general population.

Never reply to any personal questions. Drop hints about how valuable you are to the company. Get to know the President. If a Narc sees or finds out that you have access to the President, they will never target you. They may even protect you from another Narc (had that happen at one job). Their status with the President is worth more than having you as a source of Narcissistic Supply. You have become Golden.

Narcissist will ask lots of questions. Depending on your answers, you could become targeted to be their next source of Narcissistic Supply.

I have seen Narcs zero in on a person in a vulnerable state. That person just broke up with their Lover. They had no family. They at times were in tears over the breakup. A Perfect storm and target. The Narc zeroed in and started with a persistent Love Bombing campaign. Even the Narc’s body language when they interacted with their target, said that I am totally into you. Narcs can be very focused and persistent when hunting down their prey. Ever watch a Lioness go after prey which she targeted. This Narc displayed similar behaviour.. Highly focused and highly effective. That is until another Narc went after the same prey. Narcs of Feather can and do Flock together and at times can screw one another up.

This could be an eye opening video for many. Lots of valid insights.

Video courtesy of the begood4000 YouTube channel