has gone private

Earlier this year, we had reblogged or linked to a few posts on the blog. Just learned that her blog has gone “private”. The posts which contained links to her blog, have now been deleted. We would like to thank her for allowing us to previously share her posts.

If you come across a prior post where the links do not work or the post is blank then plse leave me a comment on any other working post. Let me know which post and I’ll look into it. I wish that I had the time to weekly go through each post to check if they are still valid. I have my hands full trying to catch all the typos. Too many still make it out into posts.

Some posts I have removed, but they are still indexed inside Search Engines. If you get a 404 error then that post is gone. The search engine will get the 404 file not found error and will eventually kill that listing. Till then there is not much that I can do about it – sorry.