Mission Accomplished.

This site was setup to bring together knowledge about Narcissists and their Red Flags. Click on this Link to read a prior post where I detailed exactly why this site was setup and who had inspired it’s creation.

There are about 300 posts on this site. They provide tons of information. They also give visitors an idea of what to look for on the Internet.

The Major Red Flags have been discussed and detailed.

Mirroring has been harped on consistently by me, because it works. Yes, you can learn to spot it when it is being used against you. Mirroring is a major psychological manipulation tool. Mirroring helps one to quickly establish Rapport. The majority of people have never even heard of it. Narcissists use Mirroring consistently.

I have also posted about the Dark Side of the Dark Triad. People, mostly Women, do get hurt and murdered. Certain Disordered Individuals can be very dangerous. Those Darker posts, were posted to try to wake people up to the potential dangers which are out there.

There are also posts about who to call to get help and support, if you are being Abused. There are posts about how to find Licensed Therapists in your area..

This site is now a decent knowledge base, which can inform people what else to look for. Remember Google’s Search engine is your friend. Spend the time and learn about Narcissists, their Traits and Red Flags. Knowledge is power.

This site will remain up, but I doubt that I will be posting new posts. I will go thru all the prior posts and clean up any empty ones. The problems from July 01, I think have been fixed, but I will make sure.

In closing. Thank you for visiting this site. Plse stay informed. Plse stay safe. I would hope  that each and everyone of you have the most wonderful life possible. Each of you deserves it. Take Care …