Sex with a Narcissist

Special Thanks to Daylight out of Darkness for allowing us to quote the following:

“A narcissist has no empathy. A narcissist does not want to be emotionally attached to anyone, as that would make the narcissist feel vulnerable and average.

Sometimes the narcissist’s sexual partner is fooled into believing that the narcissist actually does care about them, that is for the fact that the narcissist might work hard during sex in order to ensure the maximum pleasure of this partner. The only reason the narcissist is doing this is to get narcissistic supply through being considered as a wonderful lover. Just another phony medal the narcissist can pin to his fake self unfortunately, and nothing else.

In making love, the narcissist does not want to emotionally join with you. you are an object to the narcissist and nothing more. you are a thing for the narcissist to masturbate with and absolutely nothing else.

The reason the narcissist is having sex with you is because they want you to ogle over their body. How perfect it is, and how they have mastered the techniques of love making, and for you to realize what a Casanova, or goddess the narcissist is.”

“Sex with a narcissist” video is courtesy of the Daylight out of Darkness YouTube channel

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