Narcissists use the fairy-tale romance, as a way to manipulate, ensnare and keep their new sources of Narcissistic Supply hooked!

Have you recently met someone new?

Have they swept you off your feet?

Do they tell you that they feel a deep connection to you?

Do they seem like they just can’t get enough of you, being constantly in touch with you via Text Messages or the Telephone?

By chance, have they mentioned to you, that feel that you are their “Soul Mate“?

Might I suggest that your new lover may have found their next “Source of Narcissistic Supply“, and not their “Soul Mate“.

Narcissists use what are essentially Psychological Manipulation and Control Techniques.

Watch this video from a Gal who has been through the Soul Mate Fairytale Romance BS. Her title for the video is great: “Narcissists – Beware of the Fairytale Romance!“.

UPDATE: The video is no longer on YouTube