Somatic Narcissists, the DESTROYERS of Your Reputation

You will never know when the Somatic Narcissist’s Smear Campaign starts.

If you go No Contact, then expect the unexpected, especially in a place of employment. Not providing a Somatic Narcissist with the Attention (Narcissistic Supply) which they crave, can turn the Narcissist against you. They will inform upper management that they can’t stand working there because you are there. They will smear your reputation. If you ever find out about their Smear Campaign, it will be way too late for damage Control. All that just because you decided to stay the hell away from them and go As Little As Possible to No Contact.

Somatic Narcissists can become
the DESTROYERS of Your Reputation.

Cerebral Narcissists, I have found will not do that. They are smart enough to realize that you will not play their game and will either leave you alone or work to get you fired as soon as possible. Cerebral Narcissists are much further up the Corporate Ladder and “can” get you fired with little effort. No need for a long term Smear Campaign, which would be beneath them.

Somatic Narcissist in general are low level employees, who do not have the education and smarts to climb any Corporate Ladder. They use their physical appearance and superficial Charm to attract Targets.

Video is courtesy of the mfromcanada1 YouTube channel