“Rethinking Narcissism” by Dr. Craig Malkin – Episode 1

Dr. Craig Malkin is a psychologist, Lecturer for Harvard Medical School, and the author of “Rethinking Narcissism. He draws on many of the most promising and recent research findings in helping people understand narcissism in a different way.

Video is courtesy of the Dr. Craig Malkin YouTube channel

Dr. Craig Malkin posits that one can condition a Narcissist’s behaviour, via positive reinforcement. Yes, conditioning by using Positive Reenforcement does work with “Normal” people to change behaviour. Just ask any Parent.

My issue is that Narcissists are “Disordered Individuals” and their problem is a hardware issue and not a software issue. Any change in a Narcissist’s behaviour, I feel would be temporary and very short term. Also depends on how Narcissistic that individual is. A malignant Narc could go into a Narcissistic rage over Positive Reenforcement. IMHO you cannot change a “Disordered” individual’s behaviour pattern using Positive Reenforcement.

If my memory serves me Dr. Craig Malkin also stated that Positive Reenforcement could affect Psychopaths. My opinion is that Psychopaths have a total lack of Empathy. Brain Scans show that their brains are wired all together differently. In my opinion, no amount of Positive Reenforcement will change a Psychopath. Playing games with Psychopaths is in my opinion extremely dangerous. You need to get away from a Psychopath and not stick around trying to use Positive Reenforcement to change their behaviour. The Psychopath will not change, but could make you disappear and have no qualms about doing so.

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