Breaking your Addiction to a Narcissist. Yes Addiction.

This presentation by Kaleah Laroche is filled with insights which may help one to begin the healing journey.

Your Narcissist targeted you and used Psychological Control techniques against you, because they work. Learned Conditioning works.

You became addicted to the Narcissist.

An alcoholic is drawn to alcohol and accepts it. A drug Addict is drawn to their drug of choice and accepts it. You are drawn to Narcissists and yes you accept one Narcissist after another. You become hooked by one Narcissist after another. You get caught in the Narcissist’s Trap over and over again. Addictions to drugs or alcohol work is a similar manner.

Kaleah delves deeply into the topic of addiction, codependency, shame, inner child healing and ultimately SELF love. Kaleah reminds me of John Bradshaw and his seminars about Healing the Inner Child.

Video is courtesy of the Kaleah Laroche YouTube channel

Please note that the video has a 4.5 minute musical interlude around the 35.5 minute mark. Kaleah then continues her presentation around the 40 minute mark. The complete video is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, so don’t miss the latter half because of the short musical interlude.

When you can face up to your Addiction to a Narissist and approach your recovery from Narcissistic Abuse as a recovery from Addiction, you could begin to turn your focus inward to your own healing and recovery, and have less focus “out there” on the Narcissistic individual.

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