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Why you fell in Love with a Narcissist

A really good video, which explains how you became attached to your Narcissist.

Video is courtesy of the Balance Psychologies YouTube channel

How to stop Emotional Flashbacks. 4 Important Points to Remember

You are a Survivor. Your Nightmare Abusive Relationship is thankfully over. All is well, then something minor happens which changes your State. All of a sudden you have an Emotional Flashback, which darkens your day.

The 4 points discussed by Leyla Loric in this video, will help you to better understand what is happening. That knowledge could help you to deal with and stop those Emotional Flashbacks.

After a Flashback, you may feel the urge to contact your emotional abuser. Stay safe, by staying “No Contact“. By staying “No Contact” there is no way of you being Hoovered back into the abusive relationship which you had left.

In the past your Narcissist, Sociopath or Psychopath had picked you as a viable Target. You are now even more vulnerable and they will be more determined to suck you back in and then punish you for leaving them.

You increase your recovery from an abusive relationship by staying “No Contact”.

Video is courtesy of the Narcissistic Abuse Victim Syndrome YouTube channel

6 Step Guide to Surviving a Narcissist and moving Forward with your life.

Lisa E. Scott has a great site which includes a forum called “The Path Forward“. In it she posted Surviving a Narcissist – The Path Forward.

Her site also feature a blog titled “Narcissist Recovery Blog” with a wealth of informative posts.

In her 6 Step Guide to Surviving a Narcissist and moving Forward with your life she details steps towards recovery:

Step 1  Understand it
Step 2  Get it out.
Step 3  No Contact
Step 4  Get Real
Step 5  Wake Up
Step 6  Heal

I believe that her post is a wonderful resource,
as is the the rest of her site.