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Narcissists could use Social Media to publicly humiliate their victim, to spread rumors and lies and to Gaslight them.

One of our visitors had an eye opening experience being attacked on Social Media. Their Narcissistic Ex used Social Media to spread lies and rumors. Then the Flying Monkeys went to town attacking the Victim. It is also not unheard of, for a Narcissist to have multiple social media accounts and use different personas to attack and Gaslight their victim.

The victim was left dazed, confused and emotionally battered. The Narcissist probably had a huge grin and was likely oh so proud of themselves for emotionally devastating their target.

In the Narcissist’s mind, the Victim “deserved it”.

video is courtesy of the Angie Atkinson YouTube channel

When dealing with a problem Narcissist
on Social Media,
be prepared to
Expect the Unexpected from the Narcissist.

Love Bombing and the “You are my Soul Mate” scam

Angie Atkinson has some great videos on her YouTube Channel. The video below goes well with our recent prior post about the “You are my Soul Mate” hook. That nonsense line is given out by Narcissists, during the Love Bombing phase.

The Soulmate Scammer: How to Identify a Love Bombing Narcissist

video courtesy of the Angie Atkinson YouTube channel

103 Things You No Longer Have to Deal With When You Go No Contact With a Narcissist

Watch this video and see if Angie missed a thing or two which you had to deal with, during your relationship with an abusive Narcissist.

A rather good video to watch for those who are considering getting back together with their Narcissist.

Video is courtesy of the Angie Atkinson YouTube channel

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