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Ex-Boyfriend Arranged Acid Attack

Click on this link to visit The Sun news website to read their news post titled: “ACID HORROR Woman who was scarred for life when her ex-boyfriend hired a hitman to throw acid on her recalls watching her skin ‘drip to the floor“.

Edmundo Fonseca, who threw the acid was told to throw it at her face. He did not. He also said “Sorry” before throwing the acid on Ellie Chessell’s body. In court he stated that he was deceived, because he was told that it was urine which he was to throw.

Ellie’s Ex-Boyfriend Claudio Gouveia, had hired Edmundo to throw the acid after Ellie left the two-year old relationship. She went Go No Contact to the point of moving to a different city. Unfortunately her Ex-Boyfriend had refused to give Ellie her laptop and cell phone. She believes that he was able to track her down and monitor her using the cell phone.

Video is courtesy of The Morning YouTube channel

Please be careful out there. Ellie took the best option by trying to Go No Contact. Disordered Individuals can attack when they lose their source of Narcissistic Supply. If there was any violence during the relationship, please speak to your local Law Enforcement, even if you had not reported the violence when it had happened.

At least in this case the Ex-Boyfriend Claudio Gouveia was charged and convicted with Attempted Murder and was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Ellie stated she now suffers from PTSD and is getting treatment. He body will be forever scarred. Thankfully the acid was not thrown directly in her face.

If you decide to Go No Contact, then be prepared to Expect the Unexpected from the Narcissist.

Quote: “When a Narcissist can no longer control you, they will instead try to control how others see you.”

maymay_mcmay5/1/2016 6:19:20 AM


Quote:When a Narcissist can no longer control you, they will instead try to control how others see you.

Going No Contact, means the Narcissist can no longer get Narcissistic Supply from you. When that happens, the Narcissist could switch to trying to control how others view you. Never forget that Narcissists work with Stealth, when they start their Smear Campaign behind your back.

Your reputation, especially at a job, is extremely important and as such could become the target of the spiteful Narcissist. After you have dared to Go No Contact with a Narcissist make sure to maintain extra contact with others at your place of work, especially with those in positions higher up the ladder than your job title.

Trying to go No Contact (or as little as possible contact) with a Narcissist could have benefits, but could also create unbelievable problems and issues. There is nothing like finding out that the Narcissist told the people who you report to, that the Narc can’t stand working there because you are there. Of course the Narc forgot to also inform them that the Narc used to constantly tell you that you were oh so Wonderful. The Narcissist could set out to punish you by starting a smear campaign behind your back, when you have the audacity to go as little as possible to No Contact with the Narc.

If you decide to go No Contact, then be prepared to Expect the Unexpected from the Narcissist.