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Smear Campaign, a Narcissist’s Specialty.

Narcissists are known for something commonly called “the Smear Campaign“.

They might smile to your face, but behind your back they will run their Smear Campaign against you, to try to destroy you and your reputation.

When you finally learn of the Narcissist’s Smear Campaign it will be too late, as the damage will have already been done.

Video is courtesy of the BA Recovery YouTube channel

Red Flag of a Psychopath – Logical Inconsistency

Logical Inconsistency is an important Red Flag of Psychopaths.

Video is courtesy of the BA Recovery YouTube channel

This lady is an uncommon resource. Lots of people try and inform others about Cluster-B Disordered Individuals. So does she, but she has the “Training” and “2 University Degrees” to back up her words.

Click on this Link to visit her Blog Called Brave Recovery. Her Blog I believe will become an awesome resource much like her YouTube channel already is.

UPDATE – OCT 31 2016
– just learned that she moved the blog from Tumblr to WIX. I have changed the link above to link her new WIX blog.