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Growing up as a Child of a Narcissist Parent interview with Tina Fuller by Dr. Daniel Sidigh discussing being a Child of a Narcissist. Sadly, Narcissists do end up being parents. is courtesy of Dr Daniel Sadigh on

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“What is No Contact with a Narcissistic Abuser?” interview with Christine Louis De Canonville

What is No Contact with a Narcissistic Abuser?

This is a really informative radio interview especially so for Victims in a Emotionally Abusive Relationship with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or other variant of Cluster-B Disorder.

Christine discusses various forms of “No Contact”. Sometimes absolute “No Contact” is very difficult to accomplish and she also discusses the fall back option of “Low Contact“.

Christine Louis de Canonville is an awesome highly regarded Health Care Professional, due to her extensive knowledge (Personal and Professional) and experience with helping others. She herself was once a victim and has much empathy for those stuck in abusive relationships with a Narcissist. She understands how and why Victims are trying to make sense of the insanity and illusions which are part of such a relationship.

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