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Sex with a Cerebral Narcissist features Lack of Intimacy, Control Tactics and “Mother” Issues.

This video is an intimate look back on a relationship with a Cerebral Narcissist. The presenter discusses her Cerebral Narcissist Husband as a textbook example.

She also details Narcissist’s issues with their “Mother”, which seem to be a common theme with Cerebral Narcissists.

Cerebral male narcissists tend to have moderate to severe ‘mother issues‘ where they have secretly-held or overtly-declared anger, disdain, and or generalized hurt originating from early childhood experiences from their mothers lack of attentive loving parenting. They tend to secretly dislike women.

You could feel the continued pain she still has, when she discussed her memory of being rejected sexually by her Husband.

Sex with a Cerebral Narcissist is controlled by the “Intimacy Factor”. Becoming “Intimate” with another person is something which Narcissists cannot do, especially Cerebral Narcissists (no Empathy for others, so Intimacy cannot be established). They much prefer viewing Porn and Masturbation, to having sex with a “real person”.

My addition to the last paragraph : If the person is providing a “High Grade/Quality” of Narcissistic Supply – ie someone who the Cerebral Narcissists looks up to, then the Narcissist will work hard at providing gratifying sex. Why? He will get a “High” from it, because “He was the super sex partner who “made possible” that great sex”. This will never happen to someone providing “Low Grade/Quality” of Narcissistic Supply. Please view a past post which provides more detail about this important aspect of a Sexual Experience with a Cerebral Narcissist:

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Traits of the Female Somatic Narcissist. If you are targeted by one of these, may I suggest that you run as fast and as far away as you can.

Somatic Female Narcissists will target both Males and Females.

They have an extreme need to always be the center of attention in each and every situation where others are around. They are always “marketing themselves” and so watch for that trait.

Female Somatic Narcissists can be Bi-Sexual, both males and females are sought out as sources of Narcissistic Supply. If they find out that you recently broke off a relationship with someone, then they know that you are very vulnerable and you will suddenly and very persistently be showered with their attention (Love Bombing). They will launch a “Major Marketing Campaign“, to reel you in.

They are Puppet Masters who attach strings, which they then control at will. Do you really want to become their Puppet?

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The person you fell in love with, wasn’t a real person. Narcissists wear masks, a false self which they project.

When the Narcissist no longer needs to use you as a source of Narcissistic Supply, because they have secured a new source, they “will discard you”. That is when the Narcissist’s Mask will come off and you will get to meet a totally different person.

The person you fell in Love with, never existed. You fell in Love with the Narcissist’s False Self, which they projected. You fell for their Mask and when that Mask slips off, it can be shocking.

Video is courtesy of the Cluster B & Me YouTube channel

UPDATE: I recently posted about why victims “could not” leave very physically abusive relationships. View that “Why Abuse Victims stayed” post and  it’s video by clicking on this line. Note how the victims referred to the person who was abusing them. They were still in Love with the Fake Persona which had been presented to them during the Love Bombing phase.