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Divorcing a Narcissist article courtesy of The New York Times

The New York Times had an interesting article about Divorcing a Narcissist. It was written from the point of view of a Therapist.

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A Narcissist gets into a car accident and calls his ex to come to his rescue

A look into the way a Narcissist handles situations. Unique post, full of insights.

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Lisa Thomson offers 3 tips for those who go “No Contact” with the Narcissist

Going “Low Contact” to going “No Contact” is easy to write, but not so easy to do. Lisa Thomson‘s video offer some tips on the how and why of the process.

3 tips for going No Contact with the Narcissist

Video is courtesy of the Lisa Thomson YouTube channel

Lisa is also the author of helpful book. Click on this line to visit to learn more about her book Titled
The Great Escape: A Girl’s Guide To Leaving a Marriage

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How to spot a narcissist next time round before it’s too late.

Being in a relationship with a Narcissist once is your life, is in my opinion one time too many.

This video presentation is from the heart by someone who sadly has been there and done that.

How to spot a narcissist next time round before it’s too late.

Quote below is from what was posted with the video on the Daylight out of Darkness YouTube channel :

So I’m not going to give you a list of things to look out for because I actually believe that doesn’t help at all.

I think the most important thing to do is start paying attention to your own feelings inside while you are with that person. to make sure that you are meeting your own needs first. to pay attention to how you feel in the company of this person and I’m not talking about the in love feeling. how much you enjoy all the other interactions with this person and how this person reacts when you are meeting you are needs first on an ongoing basis. also picked up on the energy this person is emitting and how it is influencing you.

On some occasions it’s going to take you a while to realize someone is narcissistic or dysfunctional, but you will notice it after a short while if you are paying attention to your own needs and feelings, and then you can move on with grace.

The more healed you are inside as far as your emotional wounds the less your chances of actually ending up in a serious relationship with a narcissist. that’s why focusing on yourself is the most important criteria when it comes to narcissists and abuse.

Unfortunately the narcissist is like water he just molds to whatever receptacle he is poured into so sometimes it’s near impossible to pick up his narcissism from a checklist.

You are going to have to rely on your internal gauge. I believe this is the most important tool to living a healthy happy life and staying away from these dysfunctional characters. Link below to Daylight out of Darkness, “Shop Front”:

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Daylight out of Darkness YouTube channel

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Divorcing a narcissist? Red Flags to watch for.

Red flags when divorcing a narcissist. Watching this video, you can feel the Pain that she went thru.

Video is courtesy of the Daylight out of Darkness YouTube channel

Annabel Lee details her ordeal of Divorcing a Narcissist

Annabel Lee has been there and has lived thru Divorcing a Narcissist.

She speaks of her experience and offers preventive measures which could help others who are entangled with a Narcissist.

This eye opening video will tear at your heart, hearing some of the things which Annabel Lee went thru.

Video is courtesy of the Annabel Lee YouTube channel