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A Malignant Narcissist and An Empathic Person equals A Tragically Perfect Match

A Malignant Narcissist
and An Empathic Person;
A Tragically Perfect Match.

By Therapist: Shannon Petrovich LCSW

Video is courtesy of the Therapist Talks YouTube channel

Empaths are smarter than Narcissists and if they so choose, Empaths can counter manipulate Narcissists.

I respectfully disagree with Sacha’s video, shown below. Just because you can do something, does not mean that you should.

People with Empathetic Traits and people with Codependent Traits, do not spend their lives “Manipulating” others. Their claim to fame (and what is attractive to Narcissists and other Cluster-B Disordered Individuals) is that Empath’s are always willing to give of themselves – to help others when they can – to have a heart (all the “Human” goodness that Narcissists lack).

Trying to counter manipulate a Narcissist, would go totally against an Empath’s nature. Secondly you do not fight with a Narcissist, because you will never win. Narcissist lack Empathy and can lash out in unexpected ways. A Malignant Narcissist could flip out in a Narcissistic Rage and cause massive physical damage to your body (on top of the emotional toll).

In my opinion, going No Contact and staying No Contact is the safest and more prudent course of action. I would never suggest to anyone to try and counter manipulate a Cluster-B Disordered individual or a Psychopath. Victims need to get away from Narcissists, not practice counter manipulation and in effect start to behave like Narcissists.

Video is courtesy of the Sacha Slone YouTube channel

The Smearing of the Empath

I have previously explained some of the forms that the smear campaign takes and also why they are so effective. Now I turn to the six reasons why they affect somebody like you so much. Smear…

Source: The Smearing of the Empath

Empaths should be aware that every good deed will rarely be left unpunished.

Many victims of Narcissistic Abuse tend to be Empaths. Narcissists look for and then target Empaths.

Empaths should be aware that every good deed will rarely be left unpunished.

This news article is an example of that. Within the last year I have read of something almost identical.

The Good Samaritan (bet ya he was an Empath) is driving along and sees a Dodge Durango off the road in a side ditch. He stops and helps two young guys get the truck back onto the road.

The two guys thank the Good Samaritan for his help, by allegedly “Robbing” him and then allegedly “Shooting” him. Yes, the joys of being a Good Samaritan and having empathy for someone in a difficult situation…

In this case it looks to me like the Durango might have been placed in the ditch on purpose, so as to attract a Good Samaritan to rob. Never stop to help in such a situation. Use your cell phone and inform Law Enforcement that someone needs help. Many Cell Phones also have GPS, so you can provide the coordinates of the location. Please Stay Safe Dear Empaths.

Click on this Link to visit The Post and Courier news website to read their news article titled “Coroner’s Office identifies man fatally shot in North Charleston, two teens face murder charges.”.

Being an Empath can open the door to Living Hell.

Being an Empath can open the door to Living Hell, for the Empath and those close to them.

The video is about the Tragic Life of an Empath, who was targeted by a Narcissist, Sociopath and Psychopaths.

Her Narcissistic Ex Husband, shot the Empath multiple times at close range. The Narcissist Ex shot himself in the head and died.

The Empath survived the shooting and took almost a decade to recover. A blood transfusion given during her ordeal was tainted with Hepatitis C. This Empath could not catch a break.

Then a Sociopath and Psychopaths targeted her and her new husband. The Empath and her new Husband end up being buried alive together, by the Psychopaths.

Video courtesy of the Couples Who Kill YouTube channel

Dear Empaths: Always Remember, that every Good Deed is Never left Unpunished.

Quote" Dear Empaths: Always remember, that every goof deed is never left left unpunished." by


Quote: “Dear Empaths: Always remember, that every good deed is never left left unpunished.” by

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