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The person you fell in love with, wasn’t a real person. Narcissists wear masks, a false self which they project.

When the Narcissist no longer needs to use you as a source of Narcissistic Supply, because they have secured a new source, they “will discard you”. That is when the Narcissist’s Mask will come off and you will get to meet a totally different person.

The person you fell in Love with, never existed. You fell in Love with the Narcissist’s False Self, which they projected. You fell for their Mask and when that Mask slips off, it can be shocking.

Video is courtesy of the Cluster B & Me YouTube channel

UPDATE: I recently posted about why victims “could not” leave very physically abusive relationships. View that “Why Abuse Victims stayed” post and  it’s video by clicking on this line. Note how the victims referred to the person who was abusing them. They were still in Love with the Fake Persona which had been presented to them during the Love Bombing phase.


“How to Spot a Narcissist” video by DoctrSam

In this video Doctr Sam details “How to Spot a Narcissist“. This is an extremely informative video and can maybe even open your eyes to any skilled people manipulating Narcissists around you.

Video is courtesy of the DoctrSam YouTube Channel

Narcissists learn fast and become Masters of Manipulation.

Narcissists are always acting out and projecting a fake persona.

They will have a victim eating out of their hand and the victim will never realize that they were being manipulated. Nor would the victim realize that they are just a source of Narcissistic Supply (like a drug fix) to the Narcissist.

Just remember that Narcissists only care about themselves and getting what they want. They have no empathy for anyone else, because no one else matters.