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Gaslighting. Kristin Snowden details how to uncover and overcome emotionally abusive Gaslighting behavior.

Kristin Snowden discusses Gaslighting as a form of relational trauma. Her video hopes to help people identify how this Emotionally Abusive Behavior can be uncovered and overcome.

Long term exposure to relational trauma could lead to the development of Depression, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD and Complex PTSD.

Video is courtesy of the Kristin Snowden YouTube channel

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Yes, this is a long video, but Kristin knows what she is talking about.  I believe it is very informative and well worth watching. Kristin Snowden is an experienced Licensed Therapist.

Kristin Minto Snowden, LMFT 
California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #81413
Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy Treating Addiction Recovery, Relationships, Intimacy, Betrayal Trauma (Infidelity), Divorce Recovery, and Family Issues.

How to choose good self-help resources — Jason Chastain, psychotherapist

In recent years, more Americans will seek mental health information from the Internet or attend a self-help group than will consult all mental health professionals combined. Self-help is, frankly, …

Original Source: How to choose good self-help resources — Jason Chastain, psychotherapist
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Finding a good Therapist after experiencing Narcissistic or other abuse

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It was heart breaking reading an email of what you are experiencing. I see this site as being like a database of the Red Flags and Tells to look for, hopefully before becoming entangled with a Narcissist. Once caught in a Narcissist’s Web, it becomes a very different story. Spending years with a Narcissist, takes things to an entirely higher level. Honestly, please seek out a Medical Professional to help you with the situation or problem which you are facing. Direct one on one help, provided by a knowledgeable Health Care Professional is the proper and best way to get help, treatment and support.

Posting this because I do care…