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Why going No Contact With a Narcissist, Always Benefits you the Target

Video is courtesy of the Sun Lion YouTube channel


The power of going No Contact

I have read different opinions posted on blogs regarding going No Contact. Everyone’s mileage may differ. I have seen how someone going Little to No Contact affects Narcissists.

When a Narcissist targets someone, what do they do? The Narcissist will go “Full Contact”, via their Love Bombing. Going No Contact is the opposite of Love Bombing. It is unknown territory for a Narcissist.

The Narcissist is affected, I believe because of their very fragile ego.

Depending on how prized one was as a Source of Narcissistic Supply, the Narcissist could sustain a “major” Narcissistic Injury from someone going No Contact. I had rescued one Somatic Narcissist. She tried to commit suicide after her high grade source of Narcissistic Supply went No Contact.

The following video shows the power of going No Contact. It is not about Narcissists. It is about an armed robber. The analogy is the same. The Narcissist comes to rob one of something important. The store robber comes to rob the owner of something important. For either robbery to work, the target must react in a specific manner. When the Target goes No Contact, the Robber’s mind becomes messed up with what is happening.

BTW I am in way recommending to ignore and turn your back on someone pointing a gun at you. The Store Owner in this video had a huge amount of Testicular Fortitude, to do what he did…

Video is courtesy of the BBC News YouTube channel

Going No Contact With A Narcissist really is the Ultimate Revenge

Lisa E Scott is an author and runs a website called Get Over a Narcissist.

Say that you were targeted by a Narcissist. You had learned about the Red Flags. Once you started watching for those Red Flags, they started showing up in droves, but only when you interacted with the Narcissist.  The Narcissist’s Mask started to slip and more Red Flags showed up.

You were able to overcome their Psychological Manipulation. You got to see past the Love Bombing fake Persona. You got to see the Narcissist for what they really are.

You feel emotionally abused. You were lied to and taken advantage of by the Narcissist. It is only human nature to think about seeking revenge. Paying them back.

My suggestion is to stop thinking about getting revenge. You are “not” like them. You don’t hurt people. It is not worth your time and effort. Don’t fight with Narcissists, simply because you will not win.

The most powerful thing that you can do, is to Go No Contact. When you react, the Narcissist will feed off your emotion. When you do nothing, the tables are turned.

When you Go No Contact (or as Little as possible Contact), you trip up the Narcissist. They can’t feed off your emotions. They can no longer pull your strings and play you like their puppet. They need your attention. They need their fix of Narcissistic Supply. You going No Contact pulls the rug out from under the Narcissist. Going No Contact is very powerful and it works.

Lisa has a very good post on her site about wanting to get revenge against a Narcissist

Click on this link to visit lisa’s website called “Get Over a Narcissist” to read her post titled “No Contact With A Narcissist, Narcissistic Ex – The Ultimate Revenge“.