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How Job Interviewers are fooled by Narcissists

Yesterday I had posted about a UBC Research Study which showed that Narcissists excel in Job Interview situations. Click on this line to view that prior post.

Narcissists are great actors and during an interview they can put on a great performance.

Narcissist have a number of Traits going for them, in an Interview type of situation.

Since Narcissists are practiced Liars, it is no problem for them to feed the Interviewer a load of BS, while the Narcissist looks very believable to the Interviewer.

Narcissist can be superficially Very Charming, which can help to convince the Interviewer that the nonsense the Narcissist is feeding them is the Real Deal.

Narcissists consistently use Mirroring to establish fake Rapport. What better place to establish fake Rapport than during a Job Interview. Mirroring the Interviewer, makes the Interviewer feel like they are seeing someone much like themselves.

Yes, Narcissists have much going for them during a Job Interview.

In real life, things are different. Talking the Talk means little, if you cannot Walk the Walk. That is where companies get burned by Narcissists who self promote, but do not function well as a member of a Team. For Narcissists, their Team consists of only themselves. That, IMHO, also applies to a personal relationship with a Narcissist.

Psychology Today has a great article about Narcissists and job interviews. Click on this Link to visit the Psychology Today website to read their post titled “Don’t be fooled by a Narcissist.”