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30+ Red Flags. Avoiding Dysfunctional & Abusive Relationships

span style=”font-size:large;”>In the video, over 30 Red Flags are discussed. They can provide one with insight, about the character and integrity of the individual you are interacting with. Low levels of Integrity impact all aspects of a person’s life.

IMHO Integrity is paramount, at work and in a Love Relationship.

Leo Gura points out that shady people, live a shady life. Falling in Love tends to Blind one to the potential dire reality.

The 30 plus Red Flags discussed in this video are not your typical Red Flags posted on sites dealing with Narcissism. They are more about Morals and Ethics. The more Red Flags that you know about, the better equipped you will be to watch for Red Flags given off by Disordered individuals.

No one should get manipulated into an Abusive Relationship. Knowledge is Power, it can help one make better life choices.

Insightful video. Leo Gura’s 30 plus Red Flags can help one with Avoiding Dysfunctional & Abusive Relationships.

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