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The song “Weightless” by Marconi Union, was found to reduce Anxiety by 65 Percent

A medical study has been discussed on some internet sites, which apparently found a particular song to reduce anxiety level by over 60% and increased one’s resting state by over 30%. I have not been able to find a source document.

Apparently a Neuroscience study was done by Mindlab International and it found that the song titled “Weightless” by Marconi Union reduced anxiety levels over 60% and increased one’s physical resting state by over 30%.

So I went on YouTube and listened to the 10 hour version (no not for 10 hours). There was a definite change of state. Please do not listen to this song while driving any moving vehicle, nor when operating any machinery.

I know from experience that being around Narcissists can increase my anxiety level. Listening to this song could possibly help to reduce one’s anxiety, after having an interaction with a Cluster-B Disordered Individual.

 Video is courtesy of the JustMusicTV YouTube channel

Click on this line to read a post about the MindLab Study on the website. That article also lists nine other songs which are supposed to reduce levels of anxiety.

I checked the song out on a media player which had an audio spectrum analyzer. You can’t readily hear it, but the Bass in this song follows a human heart beat when at rest. It can work to slow your heart rate. Visually seeing the Bass on the analyzer follow a human resting heart rate, was a surprise. Very well crafted song.

Stress at work can affect your health and well being. If you also find one or more Narcissists at your workplace (been there, done that), then you have to cope with double the stress. A medical study discusses the health issues which Workplace related Stress creates. Click on this line to visit the website, to read¬† that medical research study titled “Workplace stressors & health outcomes: Health policy for the workplace”.

The authors of that medical study are Joel Goh who is affiliated with Harvard Business School and Jeffrey Pfeffer who is affiliated with Stanford University.

Jeffrey Pfeffer video: “Is Your Workplace Killing You?” is courtesy of the Stanford Graduate School of Business YouTube channel