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Man poured gasoline on his Girlfriend and set her on fire. In court he showed an astounding Lack of Empathy

The judge stated the obvious that the man showed an astounding Lack of Empathy.

In the discussion with the Judge, the man starts to Gaslight the Judge and states that he did not mean to do that. Then he blames the his girlfriend. He stated that his girlfriend pushed him to do what his did.  The Judge responded with “So, You are the victim?”.

Click on the following link to view the Courtroom video:

Click on this link to visit the Miami Herald website to read their News Article titled “‘You lit her on fire!’ Miami judge scolds man who torched girlfriend to death“.

Steve Stephens the Cleveland Easter Killer. Zero Empathy for his victims and Zero Remorse.

The Steve Stephens video has him talking about himself. He speaks of killing 13 people and hunting for the 14th victim. It’s all about him.

Zero empathy for anyone.
Zero remorse for what he has done and will do.

These videos are a rare view of a reactive Psychopath. Never forget that the Spectrum of Disorders run from Normal Narcissism (yes a small amount of Narcissism is normal) to Malignant Narcissist to Killer Psychopath. If someone is already towards the malignant end of the spectrum, it would not take much to trigger them to become physically abusive.

Never dare a Disordered Individual to hit you, because they may not know how to stop once they start beating you. Much like Steve Stephens knew exactly what he was doing when he was out hunting for total strangers to kill.  He was unable to stop, once he got himself started.

The following video is of a very long rant by the Psychopath Steve Stephens. It’s all about him. It’s not his fault. It his ex-girlfriend’s fault and his Mother’s fault. He justifies his action in a telephone conversation saying that he did what he did because has anger and frustration. He states that he killed 13 people and does so without any emotion. ZERO EMPATHY for anyone.

Video is courtesy of the GloomyHouse YouTube channel

Click on this link to visit The Daily Beast news site to read their article titled: “Cleveland Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Tortured Pets as a Teen, Neighbor Says

Click on this link to visit the NBC News site to read their post titled: “Cleveland Facebook Killer: Spotted at McDonald’s, Steve Stephens Shoots Self Dead After Pa. Police Chase”.

UPDATE: The orginal video of the Murder had been taken dpown by YouTube. The new video above shows the moments just prior to the disordered individual pulling the trigger.

Research Study found that those who took acetaminophen showed a reduction in empathy.

This was posted when the Study came out. I then pulled the post. I’m reposting it. To my mind it is rather interesting how a chemical pain reliever could affect the reaction of centers in the Brain which control our emotions and how and if we react to them.

A new Research Study out of The Ohio State University found that those who took acetaminophen showed a reduction in empathy. They weren’t as concerned about another person’s person’s hurt feelings. The Study was published on May 05 2016 in the journal “Social Congitive and Affective Neuroscience, which is one of the Oxford Journals.

Acetaminophen is the main ingredient in the over the counter pain relief medication. It is also found in many Cough Syrups. Because it may be included in other medications and syrups, one has to be careful not to overdose which can cause Liver Damage and possibly death.

One of the major traits of Narcissists, is their lack of Empathy.

One of the Narcissistic DSM IV Criteria“(7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others. Yes, the narcissistic needs to also display 4 or more of the other criteria. Lack of Empathy is a wiring issue in their brain, likely due to Attachment Trauma during infancy.

I am in no away offering medical advise. One of the generally accepted major traits of a Narcissist is the lack of empathy. I have no idea what affect acetaminophen maybe might have on someone with NPD.

The authors of the study were:

Baldwin Way

Dominik Mischkowski

and Jennifer Crocker

Click on this line to visit the Oxford Journals site to view the Study Abstract

From Painkiller to Empathy Killer: Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Reduces Empathy for Pain

Video is courtesy of the Fox Business YouTube channel

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Are All Mental Illnesses Related? David Kessler’s explanation of “Capture” could explain the basis of Narcissism

Are All Mental Illnesses Related?

David Kessler’s explanation of “Capture” could explain the formation and basis of Narcissism.

Who is David Kessler? He is the former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

His argument is that the process he refers to as “Capture”, is the “common mechanism” for all forms of Mental Illness and that it is based on the hard Wiring of the Brain and not on Chemical Imbalances.

David Kessler‘s view about “Capture,correlates well with MRI Brain Scans of Narcissists and Psychopaths. Those Brain Scans show that their Brains react and process information differently than the general population.

Empathy lights up specific ares of a “more normal” Brain. Such does not happen with individuals with Cluster-B disorders. I have read that Brain Scans of Psychopaths indicate that areas of their Brains related to enjoyment light up when they view scenes of people being physically hurt or mutilated. Such never happens in the general population.

Because of specific hard wiring changes in the brains of say Narcissists, they in turn focus on selective stimuli – looking for and feeding off of Narcissistic Supply. The MRI Brains Scans also address why lack of empathy is a major Narcissistic trait and that it is directly tied to the way their Brain works.

If the video player does not start automatically, then plse click on the link below. Video is courtesy of The Atlantic

There was also a radio interview with David Kessler on the Diane Rehm Show. In that interview, David goes into more fascinating detail about the idea of the process he called “Capture”.

Click on this line to visit The Diane Rehm Show website to listen to the interview. They also have a transcript on screen to read.

Click on this line to visit the site to view info about and to purchase David Kessler’s new book titled: “Capture: Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering


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7 characteristics of people who are drawn to and attract Narcissists!

7 characteristics of people who are drawn to and attract Narcissists!

Are you a Kind, Compassionate
and Loving person?
If so, then Narcissists may have their eye on you.

Christine Louis De Canonville made a most interesting observation during her seminar on “Narcissistic Victim Syndrome“. She stated that if you have been in a prior relationship with a Narcissist, you have “been primed” and other Narcissists will be highly attracted to you.

In this video Doctr Sam discusses seven personality traits which will make you an ideal candidate to be targeted by a Narcissist.

Empathy for other living beings is something which Narcissists lack. Brain Scans indicate that it has something to do with the hard wiring of the Frontal Lobe of their brains.

They lack Empathy, yet will Target those who have and display lots of Empathy.

Video is courtesy of the DoctrSam YouTube channel

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Psychopathy is the number one Health Risk, yet most people have no clue what the tell tell signs of Psychopathy are

This is an extremely important video, featuring Sandra L. Brown, M.A.,  the founder of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Pathology Education. It speaks of the total lack of knowledge of the Pathology of Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists.

People without a conscience, who have a total lack of Empathy for others, Negatively affect Millions of lives.

The Brains of Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists differ from the Brains of those who do not suffer from such disorders. They Have suffered major Attachment Trauma resulting in the right hemisphere of their Brain being unable to wire itself properly. This occurs very early in childhood, even before the left hemisphere of the brain has started to develop.

Since Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists cannot be helped (psychologically), the best approach is to educate the public of the Signs and Red Flags to look for. To educate people about who Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists literally “Target” and “Hunt for.

Knowledge of the Signs and Red Flags  can protect people from being Targeted, Used and Abused by Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists who suffer from such disorders.

Please watch this video and share it with friends and family.

Video is courtesy of the Jenna Stauffer YouTube channel

In my posts here, I keep harping about Mirroring and to watch out for people Mirroring you. In this video Mirroring is mentioned starting at 23:30 and specifically at 25:50 and on.

Mirroring is a “very important” Red Flag.

Click on this line to visit Sandra L. Brown’s website at

See also Sandra’s other website

You can view our other post featuring Sandra by clicking on this line:  “Sandra L. Brown” speaks about “Psychopathy ….When The Mask Begins to Slip”

Click on this line to visit to buy the book titled “How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved” authored by Sandra L. Brown.

Click on this line to visit to buy the award winning book titled “Women Who Love Psychopaths: Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists” written by Sandra L. Brown.

Click on this line to visit to buy the book titled “Counseling Victims of Violence: A Handbook for Helping Professionals” authored by Sandra L. Brown.

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Alien Life Forms lack Empathy for others, just like Narcissists

Empathy for others, is a large part of what makes us “Human Beings”.

Lack of Empathy is an Alien or Reptilian quality.

Empathy does not register in their mind. Maybe it is because of Childhood Trauma. Maybe no one gave a shit about them, when they were a young child and really needed someone to care, but no one did. Childhood Abandonment Issues is one thing which Narcissists seem to have in common.

Video is courtesy of the Sam Vaknin YouTUbe channel



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