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How To Attract A Woman By Mirroring Her. Mirroring is Psychological Manipulation Technique used by Narcissists.

Detailed description of how to Mirror people, to influence them. Mirroring is a Major Red Flag to watch for. It is a Mind Control Technique used by Narcissists.

Video is courtesy of the Fredo Hill YouTube channel

If you catch someone Mirroring you and they are Extraordinarily Charming and they always seem to be the Center of Attention when around people,  you may want to visit and do a search on Narcissist Red Flags.

Learn Mirroring. Train yourself to spot Narcissists, when they are Mirroring you.

Yes I keep harping about Mirroring as being a Major Red Flag displayed by Narcissists. I’ve posted links to videos about it. Other links to videos showing brief demos of Mirroring.

The reasons why I harp, is because 99% of the visitors who come to this site have never even heard of Mirroring. In my opinion it could make them the perfect Target.

How to Use “Mirroring” to Build Rapport | The Body Language of Business” video is courtesy of the BNET Video YouTube channel

When you are being Loved Bombed, you will also be mirrored. Actually Mirroring starts well before Love Bombing. Narcissist use it consistently. Rapport needs to be established. Once they have established Rapport with their target, then the Love Bombing can go into full swing. Mirroring helps one to establish Rapport – fake or otherwise. Mirroring “works”.

Want to learn how to spot mirroring? Call a friend or two and tell them that you are doing an experiment and that you’ll buy them lunch if they can help.

Head for a restaurant or fast food place. Go to a quiet corner. Your friend is to sit opposite from you. Ask your friend to pretend that he or she is a mirror and to make themselves look like you. If you move and arm, they are to move an arm. If you brush you hair back with your hand, they are to do the same. If you hold your head straight up, they do the same.

Once they have the hang of it. Watch them intently, while changing the way you are sitting and moving other body parts. You lift your glass, they do the same. You lean forward, they do the same. If they are good at Mirroring you, ask them to see if they can Mirror your breathing pattern. They will inhale, when you inhale. Mirroring Breathing is indicative of being very highly skilled at Mirroring.

Keep this up for about five minutes. When you are “not” a Narcissist, it is hard work to mirror someone. So now switch. You will mirror your friend sitting across from you. Do this for five minutes. Not easy? Your narcissist can do this without even thinking. Practice make perfect and they use mirroring all the time.

Switch again. and go for another 5 minutes. Take a break and then start again.

Go to a different location and get your friend to mirror you after eating lunch. Then you try mirroring your friend. Try it while you are walking somewhere. With practice you will become very familiar with what someone mirroring you looks like and feels like.

Best Methods to Build Rapport – Anthony Robbins” video is courtesy of the Mobtaker SA YouTube channel

There may be gender differences. If your friend this time around was a female, then another time invite a male friend to help you.

Next watch people. If you take public transit, Watch couples and see if one mirrors the other. If you take public transit after work, watch the office workers. in groups. Watch for mirroring. You need the practice to be able to instinctively spot it. It is a seriously cool feeling when you can pickup someone mirroring you when you least expect it and were not looking for it. I was shocked when that first happened to me.

See if you can maybe get a group of friends to have meetings specifically to practice mirroring each other while shopping, walking in the park or zoo, watching TV, at a Library, restaurants, bars and even at work. Your group will be learning a “major life skill” (I’m very serious about that statement).

Mirroring works. It is a very powerful psychological manipulation tool. By learning to watch for mirroring you also learn how to mirror. That skill may come in handy during your next job interview. People hire people who they feel are like themselves. Yes you will also be able to manipulate people using your new Mirroring skills. Plse do not do so. Use it to protect yourself from being manipulated. This is one way to spot Narcissists, who will always use mirroring.

Learn all the other Red Flags. If Red Flags show up while you are interacting with someone, then stop and ask ask yourself why? If they keep showing up, then you might want to ask yourself if this person is someone you could want to have minimal to no contact with.