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Letting Go of someone you love. Advice from Tim the Bartender

Bartenders see the world from the other side of the bar. They have tons of experience. A friendly Bartender can be a someone who can offer sound advice.

This video touches on real world situations (as in Been there and Done that). Bartenders are not trained Therapists, but that does not mean that they don’t know what they are talking about. Their job offers the opportunity to observe human behaviour. I have gotten sound advice in the past,  from one bar keep in particular. Tim the Bartender in this video, in my opinion is also offering sound advice.

Video is courtesy of the Tim Black YouTube channel

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Letting Go by Brendon Burchard

Letting Go can be a key to a better life. Brendon Burchard presents suggestions and ideas which can help.

In the video Brendon presents a great idea, that one way to deal with past hurt is to ask yourself “What did I learn from it?” I believe that what he is using is a variation of the NLP Psychological Technique called Reframing. You Reframe the situation and so change your focus.. Same hurtful situation, but instead of reliving getting hurt your mind focuses on answering the question “What did you learn from it?”.

Video is courtesy of the YouTube channel.

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Four methods of “Letting Go”

Ajahn Brahm present 4 methods of “Letting Go”.

He states that when someone does something or says something which hurts you, they only hurt you at that particular moment in time. At a later time if you get upset at that person because of what they did to you “in the past“, you are allowing” that person to hurt you again and again and again.

Narcissists are well aware that most people do not know how to “Let Go” of the pain which they cause. It is the Narcissist’s Gift which keeps on giving and giving.

Letting Go is the one way to get real revenge, against the Narcissist(s) who had hurt you.

As the Blogger who runs divorsinganaarcissistblog put it (in a comment below):
yes, since you’ll never get closure with a Narc, you need to learn to let that shit go or else you will go crazy!!

Video is courtesy of the BuddhistSocietyWA YouTube channel