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After the betrayal of Narcissistic Abuse…

Lisa A. Romano wrote:

If you’ve loved a narcissist, you may feel completely exposed and turned inside out. The pain is unlike any breakup you’ve ever experienced because it feels like these people have been able to infiltrate every cell of your being. Even though intellectually you may feel you need to end the relationship, on a cellular level you seem shaken to your core.

Symptoms of narcissistic abuse are shock, betrayal, confusion, depression, rage, anger, irritability, low tolerance for noise, and mindless conversations. You may find yourself wanting to be alone. You don’t feel like anyone could ever understand your pain. You may have trouble sleeping, eating, or thinking straight. Sometimes we experience physical symptoms, like upset stomachs, hair loss, and various other stress related acute responses.

Loving yourself after Narcissistic Abuse can be challenging, but its essential.”

Video is courtesy of the Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach Inc. YouTube channel

The hardest to bear is when others do not believe you when you share what the Narcissist did to you.

Most people will never understand that which they have never gone through.

They can thank their lucky stars, that they have not experienced the abuse and devastating betrayal of a Narcissist.


Why the Narcissist will try to reconnect with you after you have left them

When you break up with a Narcissist and they find out (yes they will keep tabs on you) that you have started dating someone else, often times the Narcissist will come running back to you. You were once their Source of Narcissistic Supply. Yes, they have a new Source of Narcissistic Supply, but the Narcissist fears losing you as a fallback option of Narcissistic Supply, when you start dating other people.

Talk to those who have broken up with a Narcissist and they will tell you that its never a good idea to fall for the empty promises of the Narcissist.

Video is courtesy of the Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach YouTube channel



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