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Narcissistic Mothers by Joseph Burgo

In the past we have focused mainly on Narcissists who are or have been Lovers and Partners in life.

With a Narcissistic Husband, Wife or Lover one can generally remove them from being part of one’s life. A Narcissistic Parent is an entirely different matter.

Franz Kafka’s “Letter to his Father” posting, was about an abusive Narcissist Father. It was a first hand detail of what the Son of a Narcissist Father had lived through – over 100 handwritten pages.

This post features 2 videos titled “Narcissistic MothersPart 1 & 2, by Joseph Burgo. It uses actual movie footage to better show how a Narcissistic Mother can behave. The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words and a movie is just a sequence of pictures. A rather good video from someone who knows what he is talking about. Joseph Burgo Ph.D is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, who has been a practicing Psychotherapist for over 30 years.

Video courtesy of the Joseph Burgo YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the Joseh Burgo website called “After Psychotherapy”.

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Video courtesy of the Joseph Burgo YouTube channel

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“The most important years of life: Our beginning” lecture by Dr. Allan Schore

The first few years (especially the 1st two years) of your life, literally created the type of person that you are today. Attachment Theory has brought forth new discoveries about Human Brain development. It not just about physical needs (blood oxygen etc). Nurture is just as important. Dr. Schore uses the terms “Mother Nature” and also “Mother Nurture“. There is being developed a combined Psychological Development and Biological Development model.

The very young baby has no language. All communications are visual and “emotional”. The baby perceives the world using non-verbal communications. Since the left brain has not started to develop, then all non-verbal communications takes place and develops in the right hemisphere of the brain. The baby communicates and perceives emotion via it’s eyes and “intuition”. As adults we shift to verbal left brain communications

Codependency and Personality Disorders like NPD, BPD and Psychpathy seem to be related to the type of Attachment Trauma experienced by the developing infant. Both the Codependent and the Narcissist seem to have a severe lack of self esteem at their core.

This is a fascinating video where Dr. Schore discusses the cutting edge research, which is changing our knowledge of the development of normalĀ  Human Beings and also pf Human Monsters..

Video is courtesy of the Rune Fardal YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages to read the study results from a Research Studies by Dr. Allan Schore which was originally published in: Infant Mental Health Journal, 2001. The Research Study results were titled: The Effects of a Secure Attachment Relationship on Right Brain Development, Affect Regulation, & Infant Mental Health“.