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Good Luck, if you are Expecting a Deathbed Apology from a Narcissist

Narcissists do not apologize. They feel that they are perfect and therefore never have anything to apologize for. They will flip things around, while denying what they said or did. In the Narcissist’s mind, it’s all the fault of the Victim.

The above is hard enough to bear. Crazy making is a term often used for that type of abuse.

When your Narcissist is terminal, Victims expect possible closure which includes an apology by said Narcissist. Dream on, it’s unlikely to happen. Narcissists do not apologize.

The Narcissist in your life will take their last breath, but will not apologize for anything that they said or did to you. Like it never happened.

Video is courtesy of the Gail Meyers YouTube channel

One thing that “you” can do when the Narcissist in your life is on their Death Bed, which can help “you”. Quietly look down at the Narcissist breathing their last remaining breaths and “forgive them“. Say it to yourself inside your mind. Do not speak the words as they would matter not to the Narcissist.

If you say it out loud, the Narcissist might look you in the eye and laugh at you and then tell you something which you will never forget such as: “Fuck You, I don’t need your forgiveness because I did not do anything to you“. Remember that you are dealing with a Narcissist, so do not give them such an opportunity.

By saying in your mind that you “forgive them” for everything which they did to you, you “free yourself”. You are acknowledging what they did, yet you forgive them for all that pain and suffering which they caused. You gain some closure. You do this “for yourself only”.

The Narcissist in your life was real. The emotional damage created by the Narcissist was real. You survived it all. You also learned what to look for. You know from experience what the Red Flags look like. That will help protect you from becoming ensnared in another Narcissist’s web of lies.

Your knowledge can also be used to help inform others of what to look for and to be aware that Narcissists are out there targeting and hunting for their next prey.

You do not change the past by forgiving the Narcissist. You may bring a bit of closure, which may help you better cope during your recovery. Professional Grief Counseling is also a good thing to consider. You are not like the Narcissist. Even after the horrible things that the Narcissist did, you may very well experience “Grief” at their passing.

Death in a way is the ultimate form of going No Contact

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