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Forget the food, the way to a Narcissist’s heart is with “YOUR TEARS”. Narcissists FEED on YOUR PAIN.

Tigress Luv wrote something extraordinary and accurate which I’d like to share with those who may not have seen this.

Forget the food,
the way to a Narcissist’s heart
is with your tears;
Narcissists feed on your pain.”

The following awesome quote is also from Tigress Luv:

The Narcissist lives in his own, self-created parallel universe. In this world he is the Almighty Gatekeeper. To the unsuspecting and trusting, the Narcissist can expertly charm them into this kingdom only to dethrone them in the blink of an eye, stripping them of their souls and casting their left-over, bleached bones to the demons of his hell. Tread lightly in his world as this feeding fuels his power and satisfies his ego-hungry cravings; the Narcissist’s ego is never satiated.

Symptoms of Narcissism: What it looks like in everyday life

The following is great video by Monica Hoyt. In it she details Narcissism Symptoms: What they look like in everyday life. Hope this helps you to confirm what your gut has been telling you about your Narcissistic partner.

Video is courtesy of the Monica Hoyt YouTube channel.

Giving Your Narcissist Ex-Partner His/Her Own Medicine

Follow the course of action discussed in the video below with great caution.

Trying to get back at a Narcissist for Using and Abusing you, can be “Dangerous“. The difference between Emotional Abuse and Extreme Physical Abuse is a very fine line, which could be crossed without warning when a Narcissist becomes enraged.

I “do not agree” with Randi Andretti’s video below. There is no need to take on such extreme risk. 

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