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7 Emotional Manipulation Strategies which Narcissists use to confuse conversations

Sharing the Truth of the Narcissist’s actions and you may think you are suddenly in episode of the Twilight Zone. Your reality will not be accepted by the Narcissist. This can occur within a personal relationship and also in a work environment with a Narcissistic Boss.

If you create a Narcissistic Injury, then lookout as the Narcissist will twist things to Keep the Focus OFF OF The FACTS which you spoke about. They will switch to talking about and accuse you of things totally unrelated to what the original discussion was about. How dare you question the Narcissist. 

Video is courtesy of the Michele Lee Nieves Coaching YouTube channel

The closure, after Narcissistic Abuse, that you seek will never happen. Your feelings and pain will never be acknowledged by the Narcissist.

The very last sentence spoken in this video is extremely important.

Be good to Yourself.“.

Video is courtesy of the begood4000 YouTube channel.

Be glad that you went No Contact with your Narcissistic Abuser. Forget about getting closure. Narcissists will never admit to doing anything wrong. They will gleefully tell you that it was all your fault. They expect you to accept their nonsense – end of discussion.

Narcissists Will Not Apologize, even when they are Terminal and taking their last few breaths.

Please don’t forget: “Be Good To Yourself !!!!“.