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Powerful Tools to Overcome Pain by Robin Sharma

This video is from someone who has Walked the Walk and not just Talked the Talk. Robin Sharma discusses 5 tools (or “ings” as he calls them) which may help to overcome pain and move forward.

The first tool he discusses is keeping a journal. That brings to my mind the Letter to his abusive and Narcissistic Father which Franz Kafka wrote. It was over 100 hand written pages. His father never read it, at least not while Franz was still alive.

I believe the act of writing is a visual experience. Infant Attachment Trauma is stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. The infant’s perception of the world and all things around him is totally visual. What the infant perceives visually creates emotional states. Language and the development of the left hemisphere of the brain is years away.

It is my opinion that the act of writing connects us to the right hemisphere of the brain – the Trauma holding center if you will. Trauma is rooted in emotion, not logic. Emotions have a lasting affect on us, whereas Logic does not. By writing a journal the emotions stored in the right hemisphere of the brain can be released and their impact on one’s daily life posssibly diminished, so that one can move forward and past the event.

Putting thoughts into words also helps to clarify the thoughts. On a subconscious  level, when you put your journal away, you are also putting away that which you wrote about in the journal.

In the above statements I am only stating “my opinion” and  am in no way offering any kind of Medical Advice. Speak to your Physician, Therapist or other Medical Professional about keeping a journal.

The video goes into four more ideas. Keeping a journal is the one idea, that hit home for me. In a way keeping a blog, is not unlike keeping a journal

Powerful Tools to Overcome Pain by Robin Sharma

Video courtesy of the Robin Sharma YouTube channel