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Narcissist stare of death

The Narcissist Stare of Death is real.

Your gut tells you that you are dealing with
someone who does not have a conscience.

Video is courtesy of the begood4000 YouTube channel


The Blog titled Mask of Sanity (located at has a really good description in their post which discusses the Narcissist’s Stare of Death:

“It is an intense, relentless gaze that seems to preclude his destruction of his victim or target. Women, in particular, have reported this stare, which is related to the “predatorial” (Reptilian) gaze; it is as if the Psychopath is directing all of his intensity toward you through his eyes, a sensation that one woman reported as a feeling of “being eaten.” They tend to invade peoples’ space either by their sudden intrusions or intimidating look-overs”.


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