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Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP.

Disclaimer – some people dismiss Neuro Linguistic Programming (also known as NLP).

I do not, but I also do not believe that NLP is a cure all for everything. In my opinion NLP provides powerful Tools. I can give our visitors an extremely expensive and well made set of wrenches and I doubt that anyone would be able to take apart and put back together the engine in their automobile with said wrenches. Tools required experienced hands. The same applies to NLP techniques.

If you get a chance, do some research on NLP and  Richard Bandler. You can buy videos of his seminars from his site and on There is tons of info available on the internet about NLP. Your local Public Library should also have books on Neuro Linguistic Programming, including by folks like Richard Bandler and Steve Andreas

It is my opinion that a number of things in NLP work. The Phobia Cure, for example, in my opinion works. That protocol in my opinion may work for other things.

Disclaimer – The videos below are not meant as medical advice for anyone. They are posted for educational and entertainment purposes. Speak with your Therapist or other Medical Practitioner about the content of the videos and whether NLP could be of help with your situation. I make no claims whether anything shown in the videos is appropriate for your situation or for anyone’s situation for that matter. It is your choice to view any of the videos below and you do so at your own risk.

Video is courtesy of the realpeoplepress YouTube channel

Video is courtesy of the realpeoplepress YouTube channel

Steve Andreas is very well known in NLP circles and has been helping people for decades.

Video is courtesy of the realpeoplepress YouTube channel

Video is courtesy of the realpeoplepress YouTube channel

Video is courtesy of the realpeoplepress YouTube channel

This next video features Richard Bandler (one of the two developers of Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Video is courtesy of the NLPLife YouTube channel

Neuro Linguistic Programming is not magic. NLP is a set of tools which require experienced practitioners.

Trauma Bonding explains why it is so hard to leave an Abusive Relationship

I find the Leyla Loric’s Narcissistic Abuse Victim Syndrome YouTube channel to have a unique way of explaining that which is complex in their videos.

In the video below she outlines, in an easy to understand manner, how Trauma Bonding happens.

Video is courtesy of the Narcissistic Abuse Victim Syndrome YouTube channel

The repeating of the connection and disconnection. The Push followed by the Pull. Richard Bandler‘s NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) sheds some light on this. Love Bombing and Trauma Bonding both create major bonds between the Narcissist Abuser and his/her Victim. I’ll try to post something about that at a later date.

Briefly, I believe (your mileage may differ) Love Bombing and Trauma Bonding covertly put the Victim into a Deep Trance State.

It is a sign of Major Mind Control, when a women gets kicked down a flight of stairs, yet will not leave such an abusive relationship. Why? Because the women will tell you that they are still “in Love” with the abuser. Actually they mention the person they met at the start of the Love Bombing phase. The Fake Persona they were fed.

In my opinion, (your mileage may differ) victims of major physical abuse are not in Love with their Abuser. They have been repeatedly Anchored to go into a Deep Hypnotic Trance State, where they have been programmed to experience a huge rapport with the Abuser.

The black eyes and broken bones hurt far less than having to exit that Deep Hypnotic Trance State. Not unlike a heavy drug addiction to say Heroin. It is only when Victims leave such abusive relationships and those anchors and triggers are no longer fired off, that they can see the reality about their Abuser.