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Over 75 Years Harvard has run a Research Study to learn “What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life?”.

A Research Study running for a period of 75 years is unheard of. Harvard University has been running such an incredibly long Research Study. The study is helping to answer the question: “What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life?

In this video, Robert Waldinger, a Harvard psychiatrist, is the 4th ongoing Director of the longest study (75 years and still running) on adult life and happiness, discusses the surprising findings of this Harvard Research Study.

Video is courtesy of the TED Talks YouTube channel

Older couples, in the Study, were recently asked about conflicts and how they resolve them. But couple after couple, could not recall conflicts.

In my opinion, based on the findings from the Harvard Research Study if you want to live a “Long” and “Healthy” and “Happy” life, then stay far away from Cluster-B disordered individuals such as Narcissists, because such disordered individuals lack empathy for others and are unable to share real intimacy with others.