Category: Robot Lovers could replace Male Narcissists

Robot Lovers could replace Male Narcissists in the future. Interesting Metro News article by a female, who wrote that she would rather have a Sex Robot than a real boyfriend.

Metro News has an interesting post about Sex Robots, from a female perspective.

Why I’d rather have a sex robot boyfriend than a real boyfriend in 2016

In the future females will be able to Go No Contact with their Narcissist and replace the Narcissist with a Robot boyfriend/lover. Both Narcissists and Robots lack Empathy for the suffering of others, but Robots will not use and abuse the female, like the Narcissist had. Robot replacement Lovers for Narcissists, could speed up the recovery time from Narcissistic abuse.

One of the big issues after leaving an abusive Narcissist, are the recurring memories of the Narcissist. Of wanting to see them – yet again. Thoughts that this time it might be different, just to name a few. The Robot could take the prior victim’s mind off the Narcissist. The other aspect is the loneliness of being without someone. Again the Robot could fill such a void. Robots could become a helpful adjunct to Traditional Therapy.

The big problem would occur when the prior victim has healed enough to get into another relationship, with another human. In such a case, what do you do with the Robot?

Always remember, not to let your ex Narcissist near your Robot replacement Lover, because the Narc may reprogram the Robot with Narcissistic traits.