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Different Types of Narcissist Smear Campaigns

The Narcissist’s Smear Campaign
can be dangerous to your career.

When you find out about the Narcissist’s Smear Campaign,
it will be too late for any damage control.

If the Narc is on the low end of the Corporate Ladder (Somatic Narcs in general are not well educated and so rarely end up in Management positions), then they will not have the power to fire you. As a work around, Somatic Narcissists become well versed in Back Stabbing and different types of Smear Campaigns.

Cerebral Narcissists can be way up on the Corporate Ladder and so can either fire you or ignore you. Smear Campaigns would be beneath them and if you clearly show that you will “not” provide them with Narcissistic Supply, you will either get fired or be very much ignored. One caveat is that the Cerebral Narc may listen to a Somatic Narc’s Smear Tactics. Different kinds of Narcissists do form relationships and can provide Narcissistic Supply to each other. To continue to get Narcissistic Supply from the Somatic Narc, the Cerebral Narc may act against you.

Somatic Narcissists need to be the center of attention when others are around. IMHO it is best to steer clear of Somatic Narcs and if you can, then just leave the room. Moving out of the Narc’s line of sight, means that they can focus on others and not on ways to entrap you.

Video is courtesy of the Sereena Nightshade YouTube channel


How to tell if a Predator Narcissist is Mirroring you.

Non verbal communication is far more powerful,
than spoken words.

The Narcissists will try to in effect “Morph” into you, their target.

Predators use Mirroring all the time.
Please make sure that you watch for it.

Video is courtesy of the Sereena Nightshade YouTube channel

A quote from the Mirroring page on Wikipedia:

Mirroring can establish rapport with the individual who is being mirrored, as the similarities in nonverbal gestures allow the individual to feel more connected with the person exhibiting the mirrored behavior.[3] As the two individuals in the situation display similar nonverbal gestures, they may believe that they share similar attitudes and ideas as well. Mirror neurons react to and cause these movements, allowing the individuals to feel a greater sense of engagement and belonging within the situation.

The above Wikipedia text was taken from the following ref:
Iacoboni, M. (2008). Mirroring people: The new science of how we connect with others. New York, NY: Picador.

If you catch someone Mirroring you, consider that as being a major Red Flag that you could be interacting with a Predator Narcissist.

Ask yourself: Why would someone be using a Major Psychological Control Technique against you?