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How Do I Stop Thinking about the Narcissist?

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“Trauma Bonding” with a Narcissist, could be harder to break than a Heroin Addiction.

Recovering from a Heroin Addiction is said to be easier to do, than to recover from Abusive Relationship with a Narcissist, if Trauma Bonding has occurred.

Sacha Slone discusses Trauma Bonding, which is something that could happen to Victims of Narcissistic Abuse.

Video is courtesy of the Sacha Slone YouTube channel

Sacha Slone discusses brain chemicals which could help keep the Victim of Narcissistic Abuse conditioned to remain in the relationship, not unlike a Drug Addiction. The biochemicals in the brain may also help create Trauma Bonding or Stockholm Syndrome.

The helplessness is learned, over time, using the Biochemistry created by using Reward and Punishment. Victims are trained to become dependent on the Narcissist.  People outside of the abusive relationship can never understand why the Victim cannot leave such a relationship.

“Treating PTSD”. Peter Tuerk introduces how Humans process Trauma

In this TedX Talk titled : “Return from Chaos: Treating PTSD“,  Peter Tuerk introduces how we process experiences and trauma. Using examples from his research, he describes how it’s possible to process memories and their associated meanings to overcome a traumatic incident.

Sadly many who get ensnared in an abusive relationship, with a individual afflicted with a Cluster-B Disorder like Narcissism, can end up suffering from PTSD. It is not only Soldiers returning home from battle who get PTSD. Experiencing Repetitive Trauma can lead anyone towards getting PTSD.

This video offers hope that PTSD is a highly treatable condition.

Getting proper help and treatment can help one get their life back.

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