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You’ll Never Survive Working for a Narcissistic Boss

The Optimum Talent website’s Optimum Talks Blog has a superb post by Frances Sardone, titled: “You’ll Never Survive Working for a Narcissistic Leader – Here’s Why“.The last line in their post really struck home for me. It was: “Can you work for a Narcissist? No, you can’t. No one can and remain healthy.“.

I recently walked out of a new job after “two weeks”, with what I considered to be a rather Malignant Narcissist Boss. It still bothers me that I did not pick up on any Narcissistic traits during the interview process. After 5 working days my eyes were opened. On the eighth working day, the Narcissist’s Mask came off and I got to meet the “Real Malignant Narcissist“.

I have read other articles on major Business websites about working with a Narcissist Boss, which implied that you can change the Boss. Sorry, but I strongly disagree. IMHO, you cannot fix that which is hardwired differently in the brain of the Narcissist.

One course of action which works, is to Go No Contact – Quit without notice and never come back.

Click on this link to visit the Optimum Talent website to read their excellent article titled: “You’ll Never Survive Working for a Narcissistic Leader – Here’s Why“.