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Narcissistic Mothers and the profound impact on their children.

Narcissistic Mothers and the profound impact on their children.

Narcissistic parents are so focused on themselves and having their needs met. Such parents lack the empathy to see or meet the emotional needs of their children. The children of Narcissistic Mothers only feel valued when they are helping to meet the needs of the Narcissistic Parent.

Such Children carry their training into adulthood. Any sense of value of themselves, comes from pleasing others, while ignoring their own emotional needs. They may also have difficulty in trusting others, because as a child they learned that they could never trust their Narcissistic Parent

This video is an interview with author Tina Fuller who grew up with a Narcissistic Mother. I had previously posted an interview with Tina Fuller created by Dr. Daniel Sidigh. The problem with that prior audio interview, was that it was more like Dr. Sidigh was interviewing himself. This interview by Dr. Kimberly Taylor is so much better. Dr Taylor allows Tina Fuller to speak of her experience, in lots of detail.

Video is courtesy of the Dr. Kimberley Taylor YouTube channel

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