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After going No Contact, your Narcissist steals your website or blog Domain

Many visitors to our Uniquely Narcissistic site also run websites and blogs around the topic of Narcissism. Say you Go No Contact with the Cluster-B Disordered Individual in your life and you started to Blog about it. Your action to protect yourself could cause a Narcissistic Injury to said Narc.

Beyond the Back Stabbing and starting Smear Campaigns, that Narc could arrange an attack on your Website or Blog. They could directly or indirectly, steal the ownership of your WebSite’s Domain. The article written by Jordan Reid titled

Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back

could make you aware of such a possibility and provide some ideas on how to address the issue. I hope it never happens, but if it does at least you have a head start on how to get back the ownership of your Website or Blog Domain.

Click on the following link to visit and read Jordan Reid’s post at: https://medium.freecodecamp.com/hackers-stole-my-website-and-i-pulled-off-a-30-000-sting-operation-to-get-it-back-143d43ee3742#.v6gq3obrs

Click on this Link to visit the Wikipedia page which details who ICANN is and what it does.

Click on this link to visit the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) website to read the post titled “Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy